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21-Jun-2018 01:37

Thanks, though, to previews for next week’s Judges’ Houses round — and Willie’s very distinctive hair — we know the kid will stay in the picture despite whiffing on Task Two.* Arin Ray and sickeningly pretty Normani Hamilton turned “What Makes You Beautiful” into a romantic ballad, and it worked surprisingly well, even if his upper register is a little thin, and she tends to over-enunciate (which still beats mumbling, in my book).Still, while the duo displayed solid pitch and phrasing, I’m not sure I needed to hear middle-school girls spitting lines like “better run, better run, faster than my bullet.” (Does that make me a fuddy duddy?No, it just means I have better judgment than Simon Cowell.) * A lot of questions crossed my mind when David Correy and Vino Allen tackled “What’s Going On?(We’ll just assume the former’s were low and rumbly, in a bebeh-lock-them-dawwrs kinda way, and the latter’s were tremulous and overbaked.) This is not to say I wasn’t entertained.

Nothing like seeing someone’s reputation get randomly stuffed into a bag and slammed repeatedly against a wall, right?

What better way to maxmize fear, loathing, and hysterical tears.

It’s unclear, though, if the judges are treating the showdowns as either/or propositions — this seems highly unlikely — or if they’ll just use the inevitable comparisons as an added tool to narrow the field to the 24 acts who’ll head to the Judges’ Houses (or Homes Rented and Passed Off as Judges’ Houses) round. Girl just makes the same whooshing sound over and over again, but on top of a Max Martin-produced slice of synth-pop, you can’t deny she’s music’s next big star. What I really meant to do was recount my three favorite acts from the one-hour telecast. 3) Dinah Jane Hansen 2) Tate Stevens 1) Diamond White It’s telling that Dinah Jane and Diamond were engaged in a head-to-head duel. Honorable mention goes to Lyric Da Queen…because why wouldn’t it?

Second, how much better was Demi Lovato’s makeup this week?

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Third, why doesn’t Vino know the cardinal rule of never reacting noticeably when you’ve missed a lyric?

And finally, HOW COME THE PIANIST WAS WEARING LATEX GLOVES? Ultimately, while Vino’s voice is perhaps a tad more distinctive, it’s also less polished.

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